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Charity Prequalification Form

This form is to be completed by a representative of the nonprofit to confirm eligibility for funding consideration. Once eligibility is verified, the charity will be added to our list of pre-qualified charities eligible for presentation and funding consideration at a future meeting.

Eligibility Criteria


1. Based in Carstairs and surrounding areas; Mountain View County, Crossfield, Linden, etc.

2. If you are a national or international charity, program or organization you are able to show that 100% of the funds will be donated back to the Carstairs and surrounding areas.

3. After funds are awarded, you agree to provide a spokesperson to present to our members at a future meeting.

4. You have not been awarded funds from 100 Strong Carstairs & Area within the las year.


5. You agree not to solicit the members directly for further contributions.

6. You agree not to create, sell or distribute a list with our members' contact information.

I agree by submitting this form, that I am authorized to represent the above named charity and that the above information is accurate and that we meet all of the eligible criteria.

Thanks for submitting!

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