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Applicant Inquiries

Eligibilty Criteria:

Are you a local charity, non-profit or worthy cause in Carstairs and surrounding area - Mountain View County, Crossfield and Linden etc?  Wondering how you can access funds donated by the amazing people of 100 Strong Carstairs & Area?


Its simple...

  • Charities are nominated by members in good standing

  • 3 nominations are randomly drawn by the steering committee. Representatives from the charity are contacted to make a 5 minute presentation at the meeting and members vote. 

  • The charity with the highest number of votes receives the funds and is removed from the selection process for a period of 1 year.

If you would like to know if your organization qualifies please review the list to the left. 

If everything fits and and you would like to get on our list of eligible charities that members can nominate, please complete a Prequalification Form


Based in Carstairs and surrounding areas; Mountain View County, Crossfield, Linden, etc.


If you are a national or international charity, program or organization you must be able to show that 100% of the funds will be donated back to the Carstairs and surrounding areas


After funds are awarded, you agree to provide a spokesperson to present to our members at a future meeting


You have not been awarded funds from 100 Strong Carstairs & Area within the last  year


You agree not to solicit the members directly for further contributions


You agree not to create, sell or distribute a list with our members’ contact information


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